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Manuscript Wishlist

What I'm Looking For

I've always been driven to find page turners that make me suspend my disbelief. 

I'm on the hunt for thrillers — psychological suspense in particular, women
's book club fiction, hisotircal fiction, and YA. I like fiction with continuing characters (though it's not a requirement) and the plot comes above all else. I am a fan of novelists like Lucy Foley, Kylie Reed, and Laura Davey. 

A bit more about what I'm looking for:


  • High-concept thrillers set against elite or luxurious backgrounds (bonus if by BIPOC women)

  • "voicey, humorous, and sexy" women's fiction (a la Janet Evanovich)

  • Delicious and cozy fiction with a love story and a happy ending (One Day in December, Evvie Drake Starts Over, Eleanor Oliphant)

  • Romantic comedies and romances with three-dimensional women


  • Health, wellness, memoir, narrative non-fiction and politics with voice, a new message, and a plaform. Give me a provocative, fresh angle. 

Image by Jaredd Craig
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